MakeUp Wishlist!

To be honest, my makeup wish list could go on forever, so I’m going to do you  (and myself) a huge favour and only choose 4!

I don’t buy makeup a lot. You would think I would considering I’m a Makeup Artist, but I rarely do. I just have the stuff I really need, but I will definitely be getting these precious items as soon as possible! Enjoy! x


1. Mac 212, 217 & 239 brushes 

I’ve done a lot of research on Mac Brushes and these babies will be my first purchases. I think i’ll get more use out of these three. The 212 would be perfect for eyeliner, the 217 for applying shadow to the crease and the 239 for applying shadow to the lid. uhhhhh I’m in love. Have you tired any of them? What do you think?


2. Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette

This limited addition eyeshadow palette has been on my radar for quite a while now. I’ve read a lot of great reviews from trusted bloggers and I’m dying to get my hands on it. The 10 shades are perfect for any day or evening look! It’s not available in stores anymore, but I’m sure eBay will have it…I hope!

Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette 2013

3. Patentpolish lip pencil – Mac

I’m very intrigued by this product. I think it’s the picture of the lips below that did it for me. It just looks perfect. It has the precision of a lip pencil and the colour and shine of a gloss. I could imagine how easy it would be to apply. I’ll probably do a little more research on this one before I splurge out $39 for one stick, especially because I’ll probably want all 12 colours, hehehe!


4. Mineralize Compact – Lightscapade (Highlighter)

I don’t have a lot of highlighters, but I love them and I’m in love with this one. I’ve watched a lot of Youtube videos and read a lot of blog posts on how amazing it is, so I feel like this is something I NEED in my life, haha! I’m quite pale so most highlighters aren’t very light on my skin, but I believe Lightscapade (Middle in photo below) would give a nice subtle highlight to my skin.

Mineralize Compact - Lightscapade

Thanks for reading, lovelies!



The Logies Fashion Low-down

The thing that excites me most about the Logies is the fashion, and boy it was tough to pick ma faves! I have chosen these three outfits for different reasons. They all have their own style and elegance about them, which I loveeeeeee. Enjoy! x

Carrie Bickmore by Paolo Sebastian

I can’t even deal with how amazing she looks. She looks like she just came straight out of a fairytale. I am in love with all of it. The mix of fine lace detailing and stunning gold dropping all the way to the floor makes me melt. She was the golden girl of the night. Paolo Sebastian, you are incredible!


Have a better look here.

Jennifer Hawkins by Maticevski

Uhhh. Only certain girls can get away with red carpet midriff, and Jen Hawkins is one of those girls. This girl is a goddess. Hell, she could wear a garbage bag and still look amazing. I’m in love with this off-the-shoulder belly baring ensemble. It is glamorous and sexy which is the perfect combination for any red carpet event!


Rebecca Judd by J’Aton Couture

 I was so close to having a post dedicated to this gown. Uhhhhh. The colours work perfectly with her skin and her flawless makeup. Oh and can you believe she gave birth three months ago? Yeah, I can’t either. She looks like a princess but is still looking hottttttt. It’s fresh, it’s hot, it’s elegant, it’s everything.


If I went to the Logies I would probably do 3 outfit changes into each of these babies.

What were your favourite outfits?

Thanks for reading, lovely!


The CORRECT way to apply Oil hair Treatments.

So the last time I got my hair done I was convinced I needed this magical oil that would change my hair forever. So I purchased it like any teenage girl with Tangled hair envy would…well, maybe not that long.

Anyway, after buying it I wasn’t crazy about it. It wasn’t doing what I thought it would until I figured out how to correctly apply it. As soon as I played around with it I knew I had to tell everyone, it just wouldn’t be fair to keep it to myself!


The directions ALL MY GIRLFRIENDSS should know!

1. Wash your hair as you normally would.

2. Towel try it and let it sit for a few minutes (while you moisturise or sit on Instagram).

3. Apply half of the amount of oil you would usually apply in the one application to your ends. Use your fingers as a comb and work it through to the roots. Massage all the way up! If you have crazy hair feel free to use a wide-tooth comb.

4. Wrap your hair up in your towel and continue getting ready/dressed etc. Leave it in until your hair is mostly dry. Let it try naturally (Do not blow dry!).

5. Apply the other half of oil to your hair working it through the same way but focusing more on the ends!

TAH-DAH! So as you can tell it’s SO simple!

I’ve only been doing this for about a week, maybe two, and it has made the biggest difference! My hair is sooo much softer and has a more natural shine to it. I can easily run my hands through it and brushing it is a lot more fun without so many knots, haha!


The oil I am currently using is Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil.  It smells and feels amazing. There are a lot of brands that do Argan and Moroccan oil. They all do similar things. Some people even use coconut oil. I would recommend doing your research and finding a brand that uses the most natural ingredients possible.

Thanks for reading, lovely!


Quick Review |Tea Tree Water by Lush Cosmetics

I’ve had a strong love affair for Lush Cosmetics since the day I bought my first product, the buffy bar (amazinggg!). Since then I try my hardest to avoid the store unless I know I have money to spend because I wouldn’t be able to walk out empty handed.

Lush products are all handmade with the most natural ingredients possible. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free too.


Tea Tree oil has multiple benefits for our skin, hair and body. It has been used for its medicinal, beauty and healing purposes for over 3000 years. Check out some other benefits here.

I was never crazy about toners. I have always had a hard time finding one I like. They were all very harsh on my sensitive skin and I could feel the burn and the chemicals going into my skin. My skin would then dry out and it would end up causing more damage than good. So I gave up on the whole toner thing, until I found this baby.

The Tea Tree scent is so refreshing and I don’t feel as if my skin is being sucked of all it’s moisture. It is very gentle but still very cleansing.

I love that it is in a spray bottle. It says to use it with a cotton pad but I love just spraying it over my face and patting it off. Oh and leave it in your fridge, especially in summer! It will feel nice and cool on your skin.

It leaves me feeling clean and refreshed and that’s all I want in a toner. Good job, Lush!

I haven’t tried any hair products made by Lush. Maybe that will be my next purchase! What is your favourite Lush product?

You can get Tea Tree Water here if you like!

Thanks for reading, lovely!


Casual Chic Style | Pin strips & Marc by Marc Jacobs


Pin Stripe Crop Top & Tube Skirt $42 each

As soon as I saw this outfit I fell in love and needed to match other things that I love with it, hehe! It’s so classy but still very stylish and fun. I love a good pin striped item because it can easily become a wardrobe staple. You could dress this outfit up or down. Oh and then you can match it with a million other items in your wardrobe. I already have about 3 different outfits planned. That’s a normal thing to do, right?

Amy Strap black | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Okay, so I’ve never been crazy about watches because I feel like they don’t suit me and most of the ones I like are ridiculously priced which make them instantly ugly. But I’m very impressed with this one. I’ve seen it before in white and wasn’t to fussed but the black and gold just turns me on.

Teardrop stone necklace | Colette $9.95

I prefer dainty Jewellery over large chunky pieces. Especially with this outfit. I think it compliments each item perfectly and for $10, why the hell not?!

Asher Zip Tote | Colette $49.95

Colette is one of my favourite places to get a good quality bag for a good price. This baby would probably last a whole year, especially with the TLC i’d give it 😉 Again, black and gold…How can you go wrong?! It’s simple and elegant which is what this outfit is all about!

Thanks for reading, lovely!


The Perfect Self Tanning Lotion | Bondi Sands Review

I’m a pale gal but I do tan. It just takes forever and the thought of laying out in the sun for over 4 hours everyday doesn’t sound like fun to me.

I sometimes enjoy getting spray tans but they cost $25 a week which adds up. Plus sometimes I like to embrace my paleness and I can’t do that with a horrible fading tan that spray tans give!

However I have finally found something that does what I want and I’m sure you’ve heard of them, especially if you live in Aus!


I remember seeing Bondi Sands all over Instagram and thought it was just some silly craze everyone would soon get over, butt I was wrong.

I was in Priceline (Drugstore type shop in Aus) and I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I found this baby and thought whyyyy the hell not!?

The Brand | Bondi Sands

Straight from the Website!

‘We wanted to everyone to have the opportunity to have a professional salon quality tan at home.

Our salon quality formula gives a spectacular richer looking tan, that lasts longer and is for all skin types.

We aim to provide premium products at an affordable price.’

More important stuff

It’s available it two shades, Light/Medium and Dark. I prefer Light/Medium because I’m a pale gal, hehe!

Their self-tanning products don’t stop at lotion. They also offer foaming, mist, and Everyday gradual milk.

Why I love it

It is light and easy to apply, even with my hands. I can wash them off after application without having orange hands the next day.

The colour is perfect for my skin. It gives me a nice glow, like i’ve been in the sun for a few hours.

It doesn’t give off a bad orange tone and works well with my skin colour!

It  doesn’t have a horrible self-tanning smell. Instead it is masked with a nice refreshing coconut scent. I love itttt! okay…now that I’m smelling it…It does have a hint of self-tanner smell but it’s bearable.

‘Bondi Sands tanning lotion will leave skin glowing like a day on Bondi Beach’ is what it says on the back of the bottle and I think it does a bloody good job!

It fades nicely and doesn’t leave noticeable lines and patches.  This allows me to embrace my paleness…when I want to, hehe!

The packaging is cute and it’s Australian Made. woohoo!


Tips and Tricks

If you want the best results and it to last longer then sleep in it. Don’t be scared. You won’t wake up like a carrot, I promise!

Start with your legs first then work your way up. This way you won’t forget a limb.

Take your time and use a glove if you don’t usually self-tan!

Don’t go for the Dark option first.  Try the Light/Medium and then work your way to the dark one! Especially if you’re as pale as me. I won’t be using Dark anytime soon, if at all.

MOISTURISE like crazy after! DUHHH!

So I’m super happy with the results of this baby and will definitely be buying it again and soon because it’s on it’s last squeeze. eeeep.

I really want to try the foaming self tanner and the Everyday gradual tanning milk. I think they’ll be just as good!

Thanks for reading, lovely!



Bellabox Product Review | April

What is Bellabox?

Bellabox is a monthly subscription service that delivers five to eight beauty products right to your door step for a small fee of $15. well, $10 for the first box! wohoo!

(Confession: I got last months box, but not until the end of the month, so I thought I would wait until the next month to post about it. Turns out I really like to procrastinate, even with things I like to do so this one is being posted now, haha!).


Firstly, lets talk about the packaging. Isn’t it cuteeeeee! It makes me feel like I’m apart of a fancy club or something, hehe! I’m probably going to become one of those people that keep each box, just cuss!

Here’s what’s in this months BellaBox!

April | Autumn Winter Style


Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm

ohhhhmyyygodddd. I can’t believe I haven’t given in and tried this brand before! This baby is a dream! It is peppermint flavour, which gives a nice cool feeling on your lips. It’s nice and refreshing but still so conditioning, making my lips superrrrr soft!

Opallac Gel nail Polish in Lolita (Bright pink!)

I didn’t know anything about gel polish, until now! I didn’t read the directions, like everyone in the world these days, I just painted my nails and waited, and waited….It NEVER dried. I was really unimpressed and was about to go on a bad review rampage, but then I read the directions on the back. You have to ‘cure’ the nail polish with U.V/L.E.D lighting. One question. Do you have U.V/L.E.D lighting at home? because I don’t and I feel like either, every girl that gets this box has it or I’m the only one who doesn’t. I feel like it would be a good product if I had the U.V lighting! I’ll let you know if  I get some, hhaa!

Vaseline anti-ageing lotion!

I LOVE Vaseline moisturisers! It’s one of my favourite brands, but I love a lot of different moisturisers, hehe. This is the only anti-ageing body moisturiser every made and it’s pretty amazing! I haven’t used it for long and I don’t think I really need an anti-ageing moisturiser at 19, but it makes my skin feel amazingly soft and smells like a nice summer day spent in a flower field or something, haha! I’ve never been in a flower field, but I imagine it would smell like that…probably better!

Indio Eye Rise

This is an anti-ageing eye cream. It works to draw moisture into the delicate eye tissue, whilst plumping out fine lines. I don’t really have bad circles or lines under my eyes, that area is the least of my worries!  Anyway, the texture is nice a creamy. It feels light and a lot of it goes a long way. I have my mum using it too so I might keep you updated on what she thinks, if I remember.

Nearly Naked Revlon foundation

I only got a few samples of this but it was enough to have an opinion. It’s nice and light, but not as light as a BB cream. It would definitely give a better coverage though. I have oily skin so I have to use powder because it gives off a lot of shin, but It is perfect for normal to dry skin! I would definitely describe it as Nearly Naked. It feels like I’m not wearing anything, even if I build it up for extra coverage. If I find a good colour match then I will probably purchase the full bottle, or maybe match it to my fake tan #palegirlproblems.

I’m already excited for next months Bellabox!

 Last months box was definitely better, but that doesn’t mean this one was horrible! I’d definitely recommend getting it. It’s good for beginners and the experienced beauty buyers. You get to test products before splurging on something expensive and regretting it! yay!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you’re interested in getting this box full of fun and live in Aus, then click here! 

Thanks for reading!